Empowering Collective Investing

Thinking of starting or growing an investment club in the US or Africa?
At Volition Blue, we provide the administrative support that you need. From setting up your entity to drafting your club’s bylaws to helping you find a credible & independent fund manager, we’ve got you.
We can also build a simple tech platform to help each member monitor their contributions and receive reports.

Our Offerings


We will work with you to determine the best legal structure in the US or Africa for your investment club and collective investments.
We’ll write your bylaws and facilitate all registrations.


  • Tech Platform: We’ll provide a simple tech solution to help you add or remove members, track contributions, and send member reports.
  • Portfolio Management: We’ll suggest SEC-licensed fund managers to help with due diligence, investment advisory and day-to-day portfolio management.

Embark on your investment club journey today


Vizient Coop Dashboard

Our collaboration with Ploutos App led to the creation of an investment and member management dashboard for Vizient Coop in Africa.