Reports from the World Bank suggest that between 2011 to 2020, Africa raised $300 billion in foreign direct investment. The big four – Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya have consistently attracted significant inflows.  

In the past decade, there has been a shift from traditional sources to newer sources of investment. Resource extraction has been replaced with investments in logistics, communications and IT services, chemicals, and renewable energy. Technology, especially, is creating new frontiers and creating opportunities for the continent. More African start-ups are being acquired by international companies and more digital entrepreneurs are creating value for stakeholders.

FDI inflows in African countries are still plagued by perennial challenges – poor quality of political, economic, and legal institutions. Also, transparent information about business conditions is scarce. However, Africa is rapidly growing. Over the next 5 years, half of the world’s fastest-growing economies will be located on the continent. Africa is expected to reach a population of 2 billion by 2050. We expect economic growth to accompany population growth.

We believe that the best time to invest in Africa was yesterday. We are keen on Africans in the diaspora, who remitted a total amount of $48 billion to Africa in 2019. Volition Blue is creating a link – connecting remittances to investment opportunities on the continent. We recommend and analyze rewarding deal flows. And, we facilitate strategic and genuine cross-border collaborations.We also connect Africans to global opportunities across different sectors. For example, we actively connect businesses run by entrepreneurs of African descent to venture funds. If you are a US based pre-seed, seed stage, or growing business interested in discussing funding opportunities, you may fill our contact form.

Recommending & analyzing deal flows

We recommend investments for different investment profiles. We pay attention to the individual criteria of investors and then provide them with adequate information. We go beyond the information you can find yourself to offer insight on deals, founders, and companies. We let you know the good and the bad upfront so you decide your trade-offs and deal breakers.