Imagine your organization could set clear communications objectives, meet them, and in doing so, grow and thrive. That’s the heart of our Venture Build program for nonprofits. Designed for visionaries and changemakers, our program is an affordable way to gain consulting expertise without breaking the bank.

Case Study – Pistis Life Church Dallas

Our work with Pistis Life Church in Dallas vividly illustrates the transformative potential of our Venture Build program. This collaboration resulted in a digital revitalization. Here’s what we did.

Comprehensive Communications Strategy: Over eight weeks, we crafted a detailed plan encompassing messages, audiences, and a content calendar to capture the church’s narrative.

Revamped Social Media Presence: We redesigned the church’s Instagram to provide a more engaging, grid-style layout and then standardized the design and messaging across other social media platforms.

Website Redesign: Our team overhauled the church’s website, creating a more user-friendly and cohesive online experience, reflecting the church’s mission and values.

Budget Optimization: We formulated an efficient budget plan, reducing costs while maximizing impact.

These efforts led to a significant digital revival, setting a new standard for the church’s online engagement and outreach.


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