Green Real Fund I

Thank you for your interest in Green Real Fund I, a private real estate fund for Greensboro, North Carolina. We are excited about this opportunity, created for African & Diasporan accredited or institutional investors.
Download the investor deck to read the information you need for due diligence and informed decision-making. Please reach out to us should you have questions.

About the City of Greensboro

With a population of over 300,000, the City of Greensboro is the third most populous city in North Carolina, US.
The City’s economy, as well as the surrounding Piedmont Triad area, was originally focused on textiles and furniture. It has a long history of industry going back to the 1800s, with the cotton trade.
Greensboro is the birthplace of Vicks Vaporub and bib overalls. It is a Civil Rights landmark where the “Greensboro Four” protested racial segregation with a sit-in at a Woolworths store. It is also a locus point for arts & culture.

Greensboro Facts


Proven market for aerospace innovation, manufacturing, business services, logistics and distribution.

Home to one of the most connected airports in the world.

Diverse talent pool growing at one of the fastest rates in the country.

Good road network with links to national interchanges and low traffic index. Also quality public transportation and rail networks.

At the center of a leading state for business, North Carolina.

Source: Greensboro Chamber of Commerce


What is the structure of the fund?

Green Real Fund I is a 5-year fund giving global investors access to diversified USD real estate investments. Principal and returns are paid out in the 5th year.

Where will the real estate projects be located?

Projects will be located in the City of Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

How will the fund be managed?

The fund has a robust team of developers, fund administrators, consultants and project managers to oversee all real estate developments.

Are there property options for immediate purchase?

There are no purchase options at this time. The fund is primarily for medium to long term investors who are looking to grow their investment portfolio in a low risk environment.

I do not live in the USA. Am I still eligible to participate in this project?

Yes, the fund is open to both US and non-US residents. However, please consult your tax advisor for any obligations associated with investing in the US.

Why should I invest in this fund?

With the establishment of production facilities in Greensboro, by companies such as Toyota and Boom Supersonic, the city is experiencing significant growth in its real estate sector due to high demand.

There is an influx of employees from new & expanding companies who are moving to the city with their families. There are also ancillary businesses springing up to support them. In addition, Greensboro is a university hub, stimulating demand for student housing. The city is a cultural and sports destination, with exciting opportunities for commercial projects.

What is the minimum investment amount required?

The minimum investment amount is $100,000.

To meet the minimum, can I invest with a group of friends or family members?

Yes, you can invest with others to make up the minimum amount. However, a single entity must represent you. Please reach out to us to discuss syndication opportunities.

Do I need to make a payment now?

You must meet the requirements of an accredited investor to participate in Green Real Fund I. Please reach out to our team to complete the KYC process and to review the subscription agreement.

What type of developments will the fund invest in?

The fund will invest in residential and mixed use developments.

What is the target return on investment?

The fund has a projected equity multiple of 2x to 3x.

Who do I contact with enquiries?

You may read more information here or email