What does Volition Blue do?

Volition Blue is a Texas-based limited liability company. We help bridge the gap between Africa and US investment, by giving the Diaspora access to investment opportunities in Africa, and by providing links to global investment opportunities for African investors.

What products or services does Volition Blue offer?

At Volition Blue LLC, we facilitate the following services in Africa and the US:

Business Set up:

  1. Company registration  
  2. Tax registration
  3. Office set up
  4. Executive Assistant/Intern Hiring


  1. Onboarding and guided market entry: Advisory, facilitation, liaison, and resolution services 
  2. Business, product & market fit strategy
  3. Branding & communication strategy
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Custom event design & production

Due Diligence:

  1. Confirmation of company registration, Directors, and regulatory compliance (including insurance, where applicable)
  2. Litigation, criminal & liability search
  3. Physical location verification
  4. Confirmation of audited accounts if any

Venture Funding 

  1. Review & analysis of pitch decks
  2. Review of company historical & current financials, bank statements and audited reports, to assess performance and potential
  3. Meetings with Management teams to understand the business proposition and investment potential
  4. Convening of credible professionals to structure desired deals and to manage interests

Deal Flows

  1. Identifying and recommending deal flows that meet clients’ investment objectives
  2. Setting up relevant meetings and introductions
  3. Recommending credible professionals to facilitate transactions
  4. Providing due diligence and consultancy services for existing or third-party deal flows

Investment Intelligence

  1. Online courses on local & international investment opportunities
  2. Custom courses & presentations 
  3. Scheduled reports on policy & regulatory changes, with recommendations
How can I contact you?

The easiest way to contact us is via ask@volitionblue.com. Alternatively, you could fill any of our service-specific inquiry forms on our website. We typically respond in 48 hours.