In simple terms, due diligence is an investigation into the business or product you are interested in. That way, you can verify if your interest is worth it. Without due diligence, you might make a bad financial investment, the product or business might not fit your goals or worse, you might inherit an unknown debt or lawsuit.

Our due diligence checks encompass appraisals we do to evaluate commercial potential and risks. We take a long look at financials, legal issues, and potential deal-breakers. We also consider historical records.

During due diligence, our network of accountants and lawyers can help spot the red flags you may miss on your own. Our checklist ensures that we cover all parts of the due diligence process - financial, legal, operational, product and human.

Financial due diligence looks at the economic situation of the business. We inspect accounts, assets, and liabilities. We review income statements, sales and gross profits, and we evaluate business inventory. We review past projections and actual results, then consider future projections. We also look out for risk areas like tax obligations and debt terms.

During legal due diligence, we review contracts and legal documents. These include incorporation papers, purchase agreements, sale contracts, leases, and employee agreements. We even dig deeper – visiting courts and law enforcement agencies to investigate suits and liens.

  • Verifying company registration
  • Confirming Shareholders & Directors
  • Reviewing annual returns
  • Office visits
  • Media scans 
  • Clarifying investment offers in simple terms
Digging Deeper
  • Litigation search
  • Criminal search
Venture Funding
  • Pitch deck analysis
  • Reviewing financials & audited reports
  • Meetings & negotiations
  • Recommending transaction partners